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Numbers and rankings
Quick Fact 1 of 9: Access

Number of airports at Stockholm:


Stockholm Arlanda the fastest growing airport among European competing airports

Flight hours between Stockholm and Brussels:


Flights available from Stockholm Arlanda and Stockholm Bromma airports

Quick Fact 2 of 9: Gender equality

How Sweden currently ranks in gender equality (economic participation and opportunity):


Source: World Economic Forum

Quick Fact 3 of 9: Job market

How Stockholm ranks on the list of strongest employment markets in the EU:


Source: Eurostat

How Sweden ranks among strongest job markets in the EU:


Source: Statistics Sweden

Quick Fact 4 of 9: Science

Approximate number of times the Swedish MPA was appointed CHMP Rapporteur (2013-2015):


Second only to the UK

Quick Fact 5 of 9: Hospitality

No. of hotel rooms in the Stockholm region


How Stockholm ranks in no. of conferences (among 373 cities worldwide):


Source: iccaworld.org

Quick Fact 6 of 9: Business

How Sweden ranks in the best places for business list:


According to Forbes’ 2016 ranking

Quick Fact 7 of 9: Transparency

How Sweden currently ranks in the list of least corrupt countries:


Source: Corruption Perceptions Index (2016)

Quick Fact 8 of 9: Education

Approximate number of international schools in the Stockholm region:


From pre-schools to upper secondary schools

Quick Fact 9 of 9: English

How Sweden ranks in English proficiency:


Source: English Proficiency Index (72 countries)